Trade Arch Capital Group

Arch Capital Group Ltd. (Arch Capital or ACGL) is a Public Limited Liability Company based in Bermuda that writes insurance, reinsurance and mortgage on a global basis, focusing on specialized lines, which is the part of the insurance industry where the most difficult and unusual risks are written. It has operations in Bermuda, the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, and in the case of mortgage insurance, Hong Kong. Risk Capital Holdings, Inc. was formed in Delaware in March 1995 and commenced operations in September 1995, after an initial public offering. In May 2000, Risk Capital Holdings significantly sold all reinsurance operations to Risk Capital Reinsurance Co., a wholly owned subsidiary, to Volkswagen America Reinsurance, while announcing that it was renameing Arch Capital Group Ltd.Arch Mortgage Co.Arch Co.Arch Mortgage Guaranty commenced operations in 2015, and in August 2016, United Quante, AIG's mortgage insurance unit, bought for $3.4 billion, making ACGL the largest insurance company on mortgage in the world.