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SCO v. Novell was a lawsuit in the United States in which The SCO Group (SCO) claimed ownership of the unix source code, including parts of Linux. The organization sought to declare to the Court that the organization had the rights to the Unix Code, including copyright, and that Nouvel had committed a slander against the property by claiming those rights for itself. The case was based on the interpretation of asset transfer agreements between Nouvel and one of the sco-finfins, the Santa Cruz Process. Nouvel filed a countersuit, claiming that asset transfer agreements did not in fact transfer the intellectual property rights sought by the organization. Noville also requested the Court to find that the organization had violated the agreements by signing unix licensing agreements with Sun Microsystems and Microsoft without paying Novell the agreed percentage of those agreements. Novell was found to be the copyright holder of Unix, and it was found that SCO had violated asset transfer agreements.