Trade AMAG Pharmaceuticals

AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an American pharmaceutical company developing products that treat iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in adult patients. The company was a publicly traded company listed on nasdaq under the symbol "AMAG" until November 2020 when it was acquired by Covis Pharma.In 2016, the company became a member of pharmaceutical research and manufacturers in America (PhRMA). AMAG Pharmaceutical company engaged in research and marketing, as well as distribution of medicines. Areas where the company fences its products include the United States, Canada and UNION European products. AMAG Main, the company was estimated to generate revenue of $71.5 million in august 2013.In 2013, the company obtained a new U.S. patent for pheromoxitol, ending on 2020.In June 2015, the company acquired a cord blood record of $700 million. In 2014, AMAG acquired Lomara Health, a former company. IN PHARMACEUTICALS IN 2015, THE COMPANY GENERATED REVENUE OF $418 MILLION. AMAG had 552 employees. In December 2018, AMAG announced that it would acquire Perosver Pharmaceuticals Inc.In October 2020, and The Coffis Group agreed to acquire AMAG for $498 million.