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This is a list of semiconductor factories. The semiconductor manufacturing plant is where integrated circuitry (ICs) is manufactured, also known as microchips. It is operated either by integrated hardware manufacturers (IDMs) who design and manufacture ICs at home and may also manufacture designs from design only (fabless companies), or by Pure Play foundries, which manufacture designs from fabless companies and do not design their own ICs. Some exchange play foundries such as TSMC offer IC design services, and others, such as Samsung, design and manufacture ICs for customers, while also designing, manufacturing and selling their ICs. Process Technology Node – the smallest size features that the facility is able to drill on chips production capacity – the capacity of the manufacturing facility's name plate capacity. Generally Max Chips produces monthly usage – the number of chip that manufacturing plant operations in relation to its production capacity technology / products – the type of products that the facility is able to produce, as not all factories can produce all products in the market