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However, in early 2020 producers responded to the oil price falls and drops in consumer demand by cutting their spending back sharply. In the short term, reduced expenditure by producers improve their profits all else being equal. This gives them the means to react to oil price shocks and dampen the downward pressure on profits.

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  • In recent years periods of oversupply have lead to dramatic decreases in the price of kerosene.
  • In response to a shock to the oil price over the 2014 to 2016 period, expenditure was cut back sharply, albeit with a small lag, over the following three years.
  • The cost of exporting oil can rise if there is conflict in an oil producing country.
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  • HMRC’s updated provision estimate will be published in HMRC’s 2020 to 2021 Annual Report and Accounts this autumn.
  • These paints offer vibrant colour with a buttery consistency, they mix well with other oil colours and surpass many leading brands in their performance and affordability.

In the United Kingdonwe import a lot of our heating oil from other countries, this means changes in exchange rates can directly affect the amount you pay for your home heating oil. Whether you need a bottle of additive or an advanced tank monitoring system — you’ll find it all in our heating oil shop. Revenues from oil and gas production peaked in tax year 2008 to 2009 and have generally decreased since.

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At Fuelfighter we follow the market closely and will always try to offer you a competitive rate for your heating oil. As with the price of crude oil there are various reasons why heating oil prices vary each day. Although it’s extremely difficult to predict changes in price we’ve put together some of the key factors that contribute to those changes.


If you are looking to compare heating oil prices, simply obtain a quote using our quick and easy quote request form. As the price of petrol and diesel fluctuates suppliers change what they charge for kerosene. They do so to cover increased delivery costs or to pass on savings in deliveries, depending on which way fuel prices have shifted. Suppliers need to respond to these changes in order to cover any increases in delivery costs. They are also able to pass on savings to you by grouping together deliveries.

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As the UK import oil, any changes in exchange rates can directly affect the cost of your heating oil. Throughout the year the demand for heating oil rises and falls depending on the seasons and the weather. As demand rises prices can increase as the higher demand puts a strain on the supply.


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In recent years periods of oversupply have lead to dramatic decreases in the price of kerosene. The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Contries is a group of 12 member countries. The organisation meets regularly to co-ordingate policies, in an attempt to stabilise global oil prices whilst maintaining a reliable supply. Agreements made by OPEC can affect Crude Oil Price, which in turn causes changes to the price of domestic fuels.

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They are supplied on this paper to fulfil their primary purpose of being a navigation aid. If you wish to purchase a chart as an art print, please note that the chart is rolled to be posted and creases may occur. We recommend choosing our Courier Delivery shipping option at the checkout to reduce the risk of this occurring. Ventilation is always highly important in any artist studio – Wearing a mask is optional, many artists do not choose to wear one when painting with our Genuine Chinese Vermillion. A quick google will show you where you can buy it, or you can use the “Where to buy” page on my website for your closest retailer carrying my oil range.

If possible, it’s recommended to try and order your fuel in plenty of time so that the suppliers can plan their delivery route and group together orders. OPECis an intergovernmental organisation of 15 oil exporting nations that work together to stabilise global oil prices and maintain a regular supply. They meet regularly to coordinate policies and any changes made to agreements can affect the price of Crude Oil, which in turn affects the price of domestic fuel. Although poor weather can lead to changes in demand the weather can also lead to increased delivery costs. Poor weather conditions can mean deliveries take much longer, increasing the amount suppliers have to pay their drivers and also increasing the amount paid for petrol/diesel. It’s well known that conflicts in oil producing countries affects the price of crude oil.

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However, we will always endeavour to provide you with the best heating oil prices and quotes for your fuel. The ring fence prevents taxable profits from oil and gas extraction in the UK and UK Continental Shelf being reduced by losses from other activities or excessive interest payments. The current rate of tax on ring fence profits is 30 per cent and is set separately from the rate of mainstream corporation tax. As kerosene is refined from crude oil it’s price is directly linked to the price of crude oil.

From 2016, the rate of PRT was permanently set to zero and SC was reduced to 10 per cent. This, together with the general maturing of the oil and gas fields in the UK Continental Shelf , resulted in reducing Government revenues from oil and gas production. Made in the UK to the very highest standards, the Jackson’s range of artists’ oil colour offers unbeatable value for money without compromising quality. Poor weather can mean that deliveries take longer and changes to routes may be needed, resulting in increased petrol/diesel costs and an increase in driver time. Whilst fuel duty and VAT rates don’t change regularly, it’s still important to remember that they contribute to the cost of your heating oil.

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Government revenues from UK oil and gas production have decreased significantly over the last decade. Chart 1 shows the amount of oil and gas tax revenues paid to the UK Exchequer in the last five financial years . For each year it gives the overall net revenue amount, as well as its constituent parts.

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Even if it is still possible to export oil from conflict zones the cost for that oil can increase dramatically. This is down to the need for additional protection and security at oil extraction facilities and refineries. At HomeFuels Direct we endeavour to offer you the best price, customer service, speed of ordering and delivery. From 2017 expenditure has seen modest year on year increases until 2020, recovering to 2016 levels.