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India’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, having averaged 7.1% annual GDP growth between 1998 and 2017. It is currently the sixth largest economy, with an estimated nominal GDP for 2021 set at $3.05 trillion. Russia’s economic recovery began slowly (with a growth of about 0.2% in 2016), but reached 2.8% in 2018 and just over 2% in 2019. IMF forecasts for 2021 include a GDP growth rate of close on 3.8%.2 As of June 2021, IMF statistics estimate that Russia’s nominal GDP will reach $1.71 trillion, and that its PPP GDP will equal $4.32 trillion. Still, it stands in the list of 20 most traded currencies list successfully.

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For instance, there was a time when the British government pegged its currency to the German Deutschemark. The central bank of Germany, Bundesbank, increased its interest rates to curb domestic inflation. This was not the ideal situation for the British economy, which suffered greatly as a result of concerns in other jurisdictions. Nevertheless, currency pegs remain a handy financial tool that promotes fiscal responsibility, stability and transparency. Since the US dollar also fluctuates, most countries usually peg their currencies to a dollar range as opposed to pegging to a practically fixed number. After pegging a currency, the central bank then monitors its value relative to the value of the US dollar.

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This is due to Singapore’s high interest and growth rates, loose controls and less developed labour markets. Specialising in Forex but also offering stocks and tight spreads on CFDs and Spread betting across a huge range of markets. Trade Forex on 0.0 pip spreads with the world’s leading True ECN forex broker — IC Markets. A currency broker watches the exchange rates continuously as part of their job. As a currency broker, we work with our clients to achieve a more favourable exchange rate.

most stable currency

The volatility of the loonie is very high regarding the movement in prices, notably crude oil — Canada, located very close to the United States, the most extensive consumer base worldwide. It also results in Australia’s interest rates and inflation control being highly dependent on the development of commodities. Therefore, the health of the AUD connected closely to these two commodities. Despite the recent creation of the AUD to replace the Australian pound. It escalated very quickly to become one of the most traded commodities by value.

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As the market is also unpredictable and volatile, there’s also no set way to do well in the forex markets. Currency values are moved by an enormous number of different factors, and there’s no way to predict them all. Looking into 2021, economists will have their eyes on a key election which is due to take place within the third quarter of the year. In September, Angela Merkel is due to step down as Chancellor of Germany, the largest economy within the European Union. After holding the position for 15 years, Mrs Merkel is seen by many as the continent’s most powerful leader. France will also head to the polls on a regional level at some point in late spring or summer.

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A great way to track the performance of the dollar is through the US dollar currency index, also known as the DXY . This provides a live view of how the dollar is performing against a backdrop of currencies. Over the last 12 months, the DXY has dropped 13.4%, as the dollar continues to fall out of favour with the markets.

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The euro is considered a stable currency with which the country pegging its local currency to it may prevent galloping inflation and might manage to attract foreign direct investment into the country. Usually referred to as the greenback in financial jargon, the US dollar remains the world’s most traded currency due to the long-term stability of the United States´ government and the U.S. economic dynamism. This means that financial services can’t offer retail customers contracts for difference, spreadbet options, futures and exchange traded notes that focus on digital currencies. The Europe CPI report is released monthly, with flash estimates released at the end of the month and the official CPI released two weeks later. The EUR/SGD exchange rate impact from the official report is often diluted by the effects of the flash report. Below are the key dates to be aware of when trading EUR/SGD, based on the external factors that influence this forex pair.

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For example, when trading the GBP/USD, keep an eye on the Euro/US Dollar which can inform investment options. Although there are additional factors that affect movements such as economic policy and political events, it is worthwhile to have an understanding of the relationships between currency pairs. CFDs and FX are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. The US election did not provide a huge amount of market volatility, but the development of new policies, as well as funding and programs under the new president could have an impact in 2021.

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One of the most widely followed reports is the monthly German ZEW Economic Sentiment. Up to 300 financial experts are interviewed about their expectations of the economy for the next six months, including exchange rates. From this, a single indicator is published, allowing for an easy-to-interpret outlook on the European economy, which is highly valuable when trading EUR/SGD. This is a great way to practice trading strategies with virtual funds, before trading with a real account. Brokers often offer demo accounts that reflect the same environment as their live account, giving clients the opportunity to get familiar with the platform, before depositing real funds. There are a host of tools and resources available online that chart live rates.

The markets operate 24 hours a day five days a week, with the largest volumes of trades occurring when operational hours in multiple time zones overlap. Learn how forex works – and discover the wide range of markets you can spread bet on – with IG Academy’s free ’introducing the financial markets’ course. After climbing almost 58% over the course of 2015 into early 2016, in November 2017, both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s downgraded local currency debt to sub-investment – or ‘junk’ – status. To add insult to injury, Moody’s eventually followed suit and as recently as November 2020 downgraded SA yet again. The ratings agency cited an abundance of concerns, including a projection that government debt-to-GDP will rise to 110% by the end of the 2024 finacial year . The problematic ‘State Owned Enterprises’ were also seen as a source for further public debt.

Hong Kong’s economy is one of the best in Asia, and it is deservedly viewed as one of the significant countries where innovation and development have taken place, thus being one of the hubs of the Pacific Rim. Although this pair might have low volatility, predictable movements make it preferable among traders. This forex pair is highly popular, perhaps one of the most traded ones across the world.

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Even within the money transfer industry, most companies now are just online-only platforms or ‘apps’. And many people are unfamiliar with foreign exchange, so they’re not sure what they’re looking for. There are, of course, trends and price patterns in all financial markets.