Businesses that don’t transform their IT infrastructure to meet the demands of the evolving business environment risk being left behind. But the scope of modern IT operations goes beyond performance and optimisation. To evolve the business, IT must expose actionable insights throughout the organisation, leverage machine learning and automation to drive system autonomy, and improve decision-making to reduce the time from idea to value. The final event in the run up to the London Design Biennale questions how design can play a crucial role in engaging with people around the world to reimagine what a sustainable and equitable future might look like.

The opportunities that cloud and emerging technologies unlock are real and present today, providing the building blocks for companies to pioneer groundbreaking innovations and disrupt entire industries. But seizing these opportunities is easier said than done—it requires aligning strategy, process, policy, organisational structure, and technology to exceed and anticipate customer needs. A new age of cloud innovation is happening amid a backdrop of converging technology and market forces.

This event is an opportunity to hear from designers, policymakers and thinkers on how radical design thinking can provide positive answers and innovative solutions to shape our future. We hosted a digital series in collaboration with Chatham House, our partners for Design In An Age of Crisis. These sessions investigated how radical design ideas can shape HEALTH, WORK, ENVIRONMENT and SOCIETY in the run up to London Design Biennale 2021. Join our a panel of experts in engaging with the crisis we face, and explore how design communities can respond, while highlighting projects from our gallery of submissions.

Ai, Nature And I: Mending The Gap Between Humans And The Environment

The session itself was recorded in one day at the pool/miloco studios in south London on June 29th 2010; the week following their triumphant Glastonbury 2010 performance. Fans of LCD Soundsystem will know that radio sessions are something that have never been a staple of the band’s career thus far because of the belief in the necessity to maintain the highest quality of all sonic recordings released into the ether. IoT—extend your supply chain and automate business processes by converting a world of things into a world of data. Leverage cloud applications with intelligent features to discover hidden patterns and drive better business outcomes. Align people, processes, and technology to support new business strategies, innovation, productivity, and growth. Please note that this product requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher for use.

Please note that this product requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher for use. Welcome to The London Sessions — an extensive samples collection from some of the best session players around all recorded in glorious 24bit audio and delivered in multiple formats. This top quality live playing will brighten up and bring life to your tracks. Experienced designers are familiar with a variety of design tools and methodologies that enable them to empathise with their users and audiences.

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Norway’s digital contribution to London Design Biennale 2021 will bring people closer to the ocean and the Nordic fjords, waterways and rugged coast. The search for a universal visual language in design and architecture has historically led to the manifestation of a predominant ideology, shaped by the cultures of the “Global North”. For a long time, this phenomenon has suppressed the voices and ignored the needs of the communities that inhabit the most populous part of the world, as well as their diasporas. Design draws inspiration from many art forms and cultural heritages.

The Ripple Effect: Connecting People And Nature

Connect with thought leaders and innovators, be inspired by your peers, and envision the possibilities for actionable insights to drive business value. Technology, globalisation, and changing demographics are transforming the nature of work. Learn how to deliver better employee experiences and leverage new innovations to attract and retain the best talent. Help your organisation’s workforce be future-ready now and into the future.

Endless Possibilities Through Innovative Customer Experiences

In an age, the Anthropocene, when we as humans feel increasingly disconnected from Nature, design can help restore that balance that could lead us towards a more sustainable future. It’s about making your ideas real, breaking down conventions, and building something better than before. Meet with experts that are knee-deep in developing software in Java, Node.js, and other programming languages and frameworks using Oracle Database, MySQL, and NoSQL databases. The Automation Age will be one of the greatest technology shifts that we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. With Autonomous technologies, you now have the means to automate both manual tasks and insights, while reducing costs and reducing risk.

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Though this is a valuable starting point, it’s no longer enough. Climate change is becoming one of the hardest challenges that designers are called to address. Questioning traditional design culture and its wasteful processes, our panel will discuss the benefits of circular economy, investigating new materials and suggesting ingenious ways to upcycle food waste through architecture and interior design. In “Reinventing Texture”, the Japan pavilion curated by Clare Farrow Studio, Toshiki Hirano uses 3D scanning and digital fabrication to transform the ancient art of Japanese Washi papermaking into a material for the 21st century, capturing urban textures, objects and sounds in the streets of Tokyo. Join Designers in the Middle’s curator Suzanne Trocmé, co-curator and founder Rona Meyuchas Koblenz and designer Nawal Arafat in a fascinating exploration of the Middle East and its creativity.

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Gone are the days when the role of the back office was just to contain costs and maintain the business. Forward-thinking organisations are adapting and creating data-driven financial, planning and supply chain organisation at the core of the business to identify new growth opportunities and create value. Bolstered by the Internet of Things and extraordinary computational capacity, this data is opening the door to data insights that can lead to breakthrough business outcomes. The opportunity for you to distill, interpret, and use that data in completely new ways is at your fingertips. Producer, programmer and engineer Jake Carter has done just that and created a library of 1700 samples of the utmost quality in terms of musicianship, songwriting and recording quality — all programmed to work in your favourite music software. In this virtual talk, Ana Yangwas joined by Thomas Heatherwick, founder of Heatherwick Studio, plus Emma Ross and Professor David Harper from Chatham House.Watch their discussion on how design has responded to the immediate health crisis brought about by COVID-19.

Radical design thinking can deliver transformative policies and ideas to build a more environmentally sustainable world, from increasing biodiversity in our landscapes and localities to creating new more sustainable materials. Innovations can disrupt food production methods, waste systems and transport systems to name a few. In this Session, our panel discuss the evolving relationship between nature and our expanding urban environments.

Stories, novels and even urban legends can be the basis of the most brilliant projects. At the same time, designers can influence and enhance the creation of new stories and pieces of literature through their works. The digital trends of the last decade, social networks and the pandemic have all contributed to the multiplication of virtual platforms for social interaction, creating opportunities for debate and for the sharing of information. At the same time, hyperconnectivity appears to be amplifying an interesting process of polarisation.