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All publicly listed companies issue annual reports and shareholder letters each year to communicate their performance. These are dense documents but there is some seriously useful material in there — it’s like x-raying a company. It’s just very time-intensive and requires a huge amount of discipline. If you already own any number of shares in a company, you are entitled to the quarterly and annual reports. You can also contact the company you are interested in and request these reports from their customer service or investment relations department. Investor Meet Company isa free and independent servicewhich allows you to feel more involved in the businesses you invest in.

Before trading, customers must read the relevant risk disclosure statements on our Warnings and Disclaimers page. Your capital is at risk and your losses may exceed the value of your original investment. Zacks Investment Research is a complimentary service, and does not require a subscription. Financial Advisors and Investment Professionals can provide prospects and clients with timely information and research. The Wright FIRST Investment Research Chart File provides an extensive resource with insightful graphs and tables that can be included in client account review presentations. Ideas are generated through the use of Vermilion’s proprietary RSR rankings, and a comprehensive review of individual charts.

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Mace News keeps you alerted to upcoming news so you won’t be caught off guard. Our team provides exclusive content, including interviews with central bankers. We help you pick out the intelligence from the daily deluge of information.

Three out of four stocks, regardless of how “good,” will eventually follow the trend of the overall market. Follow a set of buying and selling rules, and don’t let your emotions change your mind. For beginners who want to learn how to trade stocks, here are ten great answers to the simple question, “How do I get started? This post may contain affiliate links, which, at no cost to you, provide compensation to this site if you choose to purchase the products or services being described. The service also has an EasyScan service, allowing you to scan millions of data points for your conditions on-the-fly. Registering costs nothing but premium content can cost as low as $19.99/mo or as high as $299.99/mo depending on your subscription needs.

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Learning about great investors from the past provides perspective, inspiration, and appreciation for the game which is the stock market. Greats include Warren Buffett , Jesse Livermore, George Soros, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, John Templeton and Paul Tudor Jones, among others. Despite being “old school,” online forums are still used today and they can be a great place to get questions answered.

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UBS Live Desk offers a window into the global trading floor of one of the world’s largest investment banks. UBS Live Desk delivers streaming commentary from traders and sales in short, easy-to read snippets to keep you up to date with the very latest developments in global financial markets. The commentary includes updates on assets as well as views and opinions on the key themes driving markets. The Trading Central team prides themselves in successfully supporting investors through innovation.

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Other in-depth sections provide information on Certificates, Bonds, Commodities and Forex, and include up to date charts. Estimize crowdsources quarterly corporate earnings and revenue estimates from the sell-side, the buy-side, as well as independent contributors. By leveraging a larger and more diverse community of contributors than traditional Wall Street data providers, Estimize has created a more representative and accurate data offering representing 1,500+ stocks. Institutional investors and professional traders utilize Estimize data for idea generation and risk management both in an API format as well as through the Estimize premium stock screener.

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With over 500 videos, Real Vision content includes exclusive in-depth interviews and presentations from some of the sharpest independent analysts, fund managers, geopolitical strategists, economists and investors. PropThink is an intelligence service that delivers long and short trading ideas to investors in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Our focus is on identifying and analyzing technically complicated companies and equities that are grossly over- or under-valued.

One of the best features of the web-based app isStock Rover’s“Brokerage Connect.” This provides you with a read-only data feed of your portfolio holdings. As the market evolves, Trade Ideas’ software adjusts levels and the trading plan to match. You can learn how to do all of this without risking your principal through a real-time simulated trading environment. You don’t necessarily need all of these to rank as one of the best investment resources, but they should provide a compelling value proposition. You also want to consider the company’s management, competitive advantages, competitors and markets in which they operate.

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Throughout the year, the Stockopedia community gather around the country, often at events held by our team. We attend investment conferences and host regular StockSlam socials in London that are bringing our community closer together. Our research team, led by Stockopedia founder Edward Croft, CFA produce regular groundbreaking research into what really works in stock markets. Different funds concentrate on different areas, and some have an expert fund manager to do the picking, while others simply replicate the performance of an index such as the FTSE 100.