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The obvious difficulty with the trade is correctly identifying those “extreme” relative valuations between the metals. If the ratio hits 100 and you sell your gold for silver, then the ratio continues to expand, hovering for the next five years between 120 and 150, you’re stuck. A new trading precedent has apparently been set, and to trade back into gold during that period would mean a contraction in your metal holdings.

  • On the chart, I have marked the 70s bull market with points 1 to 5.
  • We also suggested that Silver would begin to rally much faster than Gold throughout this move.
  • When it comes to price targets for financial assets it is prudent to assess their credibility and track record.
  • My research team and I started exploring the relationship between the Gold-to-Silver ratio and the S&P 500 to find trends in Metals and the US Stock Markets.
  • We will then look at what the implications could be in financial markets.
  • On the chart, I have indicated the period of the 70s and latest bull market, between red and green lines.

All the other months in three years saw levels ranging between seven to 22 incidents per month, the Met Police said. The Weekly Gold-to-Silver ratio chart below highlights our predictions from late March 2020 where we suggested the incredible spike in the ratio value was similar to the spike that took place in 2008. We identified a Flag/Pennant setup after each spike in the ratio volume and predicted a downward ratio decline would continue – pushing both Gold and Silver higher. We also suggested that Silver would begin to rally much faster than Gold throughout this move. Abbey Capital is a private company limited by shares incorporated in Ireland .

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We will then look at what the implications could be in financial markets. Monetary policy used to be a fairly conservative affair, and quite frankly a slightly underwhelming topic. In the past few decades, the main goal for most policymakers was to ensure a small increase of inflation every year, also known as price stability. Gold’s historically low correlation to other asset classes can help portfolios perform better during times of uncertainty. Monitoring the ratio can give clues to where the economy and markets could go but as stated before it must be considered within a broader remit of research and due diligence when investing.

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For many people “dollar cost averaging” is the preferred strategy to accumulate gold. First of all, investors should understand their investment needs and constraints within their whole portfolio as well looking at their risk tolerance, age, financial situation and liquidity needs. Once this has been ascertained, and the decision to allocate to gold has been made, many investors prefer to avoid trying to time the market and simply buy gold at regular intervals throughout the year. First of all the silver market is far smaller and less liquid than the gold market. Second, because of this relative illiquidity silver tends to overshoot and undershoot during phases of market stress or change. Because silver has far more industrial uses than gold it is considered to be more cyclical, and this more correlated to the overall health of the economy.

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Abbey Capital is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager under Regulation 9 of the European Union Regulations 2013 (“AIFMD”). Abbey Capital is registered as a Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) and is a member of the U.S. Abbey Capital is also registered as an Investment Advisor with the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”) in the United States of America. Abbey Capital LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abbey Capital.

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However, the lagged move in silver in 2019 has not been as attractive from a Trendfollowing perspective as the move in gold. See the “Index Definitions” section at the end of this piece for a description of all indices used. When compared to other commodities, gold has outperformed not only broad-based indices but most individual commodities too.

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It is evident that both gold bull markets, started sometime after a major peak in the Dow/Gold ratio. They both had an important peak about nine years after the Dow/Gold ratio peak, which was followed by a significant correction. In more recently the highest the ratio has reached id 97.3 to 1 in February 1991 , at the height of a global economic recession.

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The ratio peaked at 100 in 1991 when silver prices dropped to extreme lows. Therefore, knowing how to trade the gold-silver ratio can be a huge advantage to maximize your commodities trading strategy. Thegold-silverratio offers invaluable insight into the possible movements of the two precious metals relative to each other. UK house prices are set to tread water while incomes rise, making property more affordable, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Violence against Jewish people in London reached a «worrying» level in May following escalating tension in the Middle East, new figures show. Metropolitan Police data revealed that there were 87 incidents of violence in May — four times higher than any other month since 2018.

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Point e of the 70’s pattern is where gold and silver made significant all-time nominal highs, much higher than any previous highs. On the recent pattern only gold made an all-time nominal high, higher than any previous highs. This is a major non-confirmation which signals that although the two patterns played out in a similar manner, it does not mean that point e in the recent one is the end of the gold and silver bull market just like in 1980. Does it mean that the bull market is indeed over, since gold and silver did not rally higher than the 2011 peaks, in 2012 and up to now in 2013? brings you all the latest live silver news, headlines, data analysis and information from the global silver markets. Keep up to date with the largest and fastest source of silver market news information.

As the ratio rises, they buy silver; as it falls they buy gold. This keeps them from having to speculate on whether “extreme” ratio levels have actually been reached. The gold-silver ratio indicates how many ounces of silver are required to buy one ounce of gold. In time periods where the ratio is relatively high, it acts as a leading indicator for a rise in silver’s value.

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The massive debts that lurk behind the fiat currencies are representative of these great forces that will keep more people preferring gold over these debt-ridden currencies. 4) Since the beginning of February, gold has increased drastically in price. We should wait for a modest pull-back before attempting to enter the market. Once we do enter the market, we can place our stop-loss below the trend line and our take-profit above the previous high to ensure a positive risk-reward ratio on the trade. 2) Our next step is to determine the individual trend for gold and silver. So, we open the charts and draw our trend lines and notice that both gold and silver are trending upwards as shown in the charts below.

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Find the metal you wish to convert the weight to along the top of the chart. As an independent third-party trading community, FOLLOWME does not recommend any trading platforms or trading products. FOLLOWME shall not be liable for any part or all of the losses incurred by investors due to any transactions involving CFDs. At the same time, FOLLOWME is not responsible for any loss caused by connection failure or delay in the transaction. The chart below shows times when the ratio was at all-time highs- red circles and all-time lows-blue circles. With gold rallying 10% so far this year, some investors are starting to pay attention to silver.

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Metals Daily provide silver investors with the latest silver prices, breaking silver news, data analysis and precious metal information so your investment decisions are informed and up to date. On the other hand, some investors prefer to trade gold on a shorter-term basis. This could involve looking at technical analysis, examining monetary policy and political news and deciding how much to invest in trade, how to execute and what stop-loss or price targets exist. Gold is always considered a safe haven when stock markets are uncertain. Over the last decade we have seen a steady growth in Gold price whilst economies around the world contracted. This is due to many factors such as scarcity of the metal and exchange rates.