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Where things get interesting and where COT data is of most use is at extreme points such as when there is extreme dumb money interest at multi week highs. Successful trader Larry Williams reveals industry secrets that help investors and traders successfully invest and trade side-by-side with the largest commercial interests in the world. Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey was scheduled to speak on Wednesday. However, judging by the nature of the pair’s movement during the day, he did not particularly say anything interesting or important. In addition to the speeches of Bailey and Powell, the US inflation report was set to be published on this day. The main indicator remained unchanged at 1.4% in annual terms, while the indicator excluding food and energy decreased from 1.6% to 1.4%.

  • A 180 thread count fabric woven using a fine quality single yarn can be in fact, far superior to a fabric claiming to have a very high thread count.
  • For the trading week of January 19 – 15, EUR/USD rose by 60 pips.
  • However, using thinner, less durable yarn means that you can fit more threads on the loom, but it can significantly decrease the strength and lifespan of your bed linen.
  • However, both the pound and the euro did not need any additional help.
  • I’ve labeled the categories as dumb or smart money, but this is an oversimplification.
  • For example, if I buy a coffee future, the Open Interest number will increase by 1.
  • Physical coffee traders, like us, close out our position before this day because we don’t want to take any delivery of coffee from the exchange.

Money manager, as used in this report, means a registered commodity pool operator, an unregistered fund, or a registered commodity trading advisor identified by CFTC. They participate in the futures markets on behalf of their clients. I’ve labeled the categories as dumb or smart money, but this is an oversimplification. Quite often the dumb money is very right and sensibly offloads a position, during a downtrend for example.

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Individual traders can also self-report by filling out the CFTC Form 40. Reading the Commitments of Traders report is not an exact science and is best suited for the sort of trader who takes longer-term positions taking into account the bigger picture. I’ve labeled the commercial traders as the black line and small traders as the grey line .

These producers use the futures market to manage or hedge against risks potential to their core operations. «Finally, an insider’s take on what really goes on behind the scenes in commodity trading. Larry writes his view of trading, as only he knows it, from his twenty-five years of experience.» Here are the latest charts and statistics for the Commitment of Traders data published by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission . Indicator 1 on the COT charts is the size of the net position of each category of traders. Yellow lines are trend lines, trend channels and any other technical patterns. Indicator 1 in the COT charts is a size of net positions for each category of traders.

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These stocks ensure that the underlying commodity of a futures contract , meets the minimum specification as outlined in the futures contract . Thousands of bags of coffee are literally sat in warehouses all across the globe waiting for market players to draw them down and roast them. Forex traders pay close attention to the noncommercial traders in the financial futures. When they are net long in a particular currency, it means that the demand for that currency will increase and, with it, its value relative to others. For most forex traders, the best way to trade forex using the COT report is by establishing the overbought and the oversold regions.

As at the 25th of July, there have been a total of 10,324 deaths registered in Scotland where the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned on the death certificate. In the latest week there were 56 deaths, an increase of 9 deaths from the previous week. Our % change stats and charts will allow you to see market swings as they happen so you can stay protected or even capitalise on changing market sentiment. An extreme change in positioning can lead to very profitable market corrections and you’ll be ready and waiting when they do.

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Swap dealer is one who enters into an agreement to exchange cash flows of a given commodity over a specific period. They use the futures market to manage and hedge against risks inherent in their swaps. Producers are entities whose core business activities involve the production, processing, and handling of physical commodities.

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Of course, it does not mean that EUR is unlikely to fall until large market players trim the number of buy contracts. Judging by the COT report, we cannot make a conclusion about a completion of the uptrend. The definition of thread count is simply the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric.

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For example, if I buy a coffee future, the Open Interest number will increase by 1. When I sell a coffee future, the Open Interest number will decrease by 1, as it nets out the coffee future I had already bought. In this way COT could be a good final confirming filter for a buy signal or alternatively, you may wish to start with COT then look for confirming action in technical analysis. Trends can be short term (hourly/daily), medium-term (weekly/monthly) or long-term (monthly/yearly). What duration constitutes a trend is subjective and will vary trader to trader. For a day trader who is looking at 60 second charts, an hour would be medium term.

The noncommercial traders do not handle the underlying physical commodities, and thus, they are participating in the futures market speculatively and can either be long or short. Therefore, by looking at the behavior of noncommercial traders in the futures markets, we can gain insight into future price trends and the economy. For the trading week of January 19 – 15, EUR/USD rose by 60 pips. The COT report mirrors trading sentiment of large market players. The recent report does not reveal waning interest in the single European currency.

For this reason, the weekly publication of the report has little impact on the short-term forex market. The AUD/USD pair was trading in a neutral position before the release of the COT report. The 20-period MA was flattened with candles forming just around it. The screengrab below is of the weekly CFTC speculative net positions of the AUD from To the right is a legend that indicates the level of impact the fundamental indicator has on the AUD.

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To provide you with the tools, information and expertise that’ll give you an opportunity to extract wedges of life-changing income directly from the global markets. It’s also a chance to meet and chat to other traders just like you. I personally use COT as a lead indicator at extreme levels and as a confirming indicator at other times. The indicator can be a little memory intensive so it’s best not to apply it to too many charts at the same time. It does work as intended though and I’ve experienced no problems so far. This design is for a cot bumper, the removable farmyard animals are attached by velcro.