Trade ZAGG

ZAGG Inc. (NASDAQ: ZAGG) is a traded company in The Rolling, Utah. The line of protective covers is known for consumer electronics and handheld devices under the brand name InvisibleShield. Under its affiliates iFrogz, mophie, Braven, Gear4 and HALO, the company distributes accessories such as chargers, battery packs, protective cases and audio accessories. screen protection line by ZAGG which is under the InvisibleShield brand, created by Philip Chipping, who then formed protective solutions, Inc. in March 2005. The brand started selling invisibleShield product online, and in locally owned retailers. The company started in a backyard shed, selling $200 worth of goods a day. In January 2006, Chipping brought Robert G. Pedersen II, a friend and teacher who previously worked as a consultant, as a partner with the ceo title, while Qiping retained the title of president and founder. Later that year, after the purchase of Chipping, Pedersen became the largest shareholder. In 2010, he was selected at Ernst & Young For An Entrepreneur in Year.The, and changed her name to Microsoft in March 2006 and then back to ZAGG in July 2007. The latest name change coincided with a reverse merger that made ZAGG a public shareholding company on the OTC Advertising Board with ZAGG as its own stock code. On November 10, 2009, on nasdaq Market.In August 2012, Pedersen stepped down as CEO and Chairman after a fringe appeal, and Randall Hales, president and former CEO, became interim CEO. In December 2012, Hales was appointed CEO of the Directors.In March 2018, Randall Hales, who has served since 2012 as CEO of ZAGG, resigned. Upon his resignation, the Board appointed Chris Ahern to be CEO. Ahern was president of the Mophie brand and international business. In 2020, ZAGG received a $9.4 million loan as part of the Salary Protection Program (PPP). The allocation of loans to listed companies such as AGG has led to criticism of the program and allegations that the federal government misallocated funds. On April 23, 2020, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that pPP eligibility criteria had been updated to be less comprehensive for listed companies. ZAGG issued a statement that it would not return its loans, saying" with the large-scale closure of retail stores across the country, our business was severely affected by the closure of all non-core companies due to COVID-19. We use the money in accordance with government guidelines."