Trade Woodside Petroleum

Woodside Energy is an Australian oil exploration and production company. Woodside is Australia's largest oil and gas producer and also the largest independent oil and gas company in Australia. It is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange and is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. In 2020, Forbes International was ranked 2000, woodside Petroleum as the 1328th largest public company in the world. Woodside was founded on July 26, 1954. It was originally named Woodside (Lake Entrance) NL Oil Company and was named after the small town of Woodside, Victoria. Woodside's early years focused on the Gippsland Basin in Victoria. Moving to north-western Australia in the early 1960s, Woodside joined Shell and Burma Oil to form the original Northwest Shelf Consortium. BHP subsequently replaced Burma, and with Shell, each became a 40% shareholder in Woodside. In the early 1990s both BHP and Shell agreed to sell down to 34% stake each, before BHP sold out altogether (an average price of $3 per share, completing the sale in October 1994). In 2001 Shell sought to buy the remaining part of the company that it did not already own at the time; however, the transfer of the takeover was banned by the then Treasurer of Australia, Peter Costello, for reasons of national interest. On November 9, 2010, Shell sold nearly a third of its 34% stake to institutional investors at a share price of $42.23, reducing its total stake in Woodside to 24%. On June 17, 2014, Shell announced that it would reduce its remaining 23.1% to 4.5% by selling it to investors. founders, repurchased by Woodside, and approved by the company. The next day Shell sold 9.5% to the enterprises. However, an extraordinary meeting of Woodside shareholders to approve the buyback on August 1, 2014 failed to achieve a majority of 75% of the vote, leaving 72% behind. Shell announced that it was reviewing its options. Currently, Shell Australia is one of six equal investors in the NSW project and owns a 16.67% stake in the shares. Other investors are BP, BHP Billiton Petroleum, Chevron, Mitsubishi/Mitsui.