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The Big Four (or Big 4) is the colloquial name given to the four major banks in many countries where the banking industry is dominated by only four institutions and where the phrase thus gained currency. Some countries include more or less institutions in such classifications, leading to other names such as the big three, the big five, or the big six. internationally, the term "big four banks" has traditionally referred to the following central banks: in Australia, the "Big Four Banks" refers to the big four banks in terms of their market share, among which they hold 80% of the country's home loan markets. In 2012, its combined assets totalled A$2.66 trillion, or about 200% of Australian GDP in 2011. The total asset order, these are: Westpac (WBC) has long been the federal government's policy in Australia to maintain this status quo, called the "Four Pillars Policy". This policy was maintained through the global recession of 2008-09, as Westpac acquired St George's Bank and Commonwealth Bank acquired Bankwest, reinforcing the special status of the "Big Four."