Trade Westamerica Bancorporation

Westamerica Bancorporation is the holding company of West America Bank and its subsidiaries. Headquartered in San Rafael, California, The Community Commercial and Regional Bank has assets of $4.7 billion and more than 90 branches in Northern and Central California. Westamerica Bancorporation is a Northern California bank holding company comprising two major subsidiaries: The West Bank and Lake District Bank, and community banks both serving individuals and commercial customers. The holding company also oversees the operations of Community Banking Services and Westkor, which perform certain management functions. West America Bank Corporation operates more than 50 branches in 12 California counties including Marin, Napa and Sonoma. From a few small community banks in the early 1970s operating under a bankholding holding company organization, Westamerica by the mid-1990s expanded to one of the largest networks of community banks serving Northern California and as a market share leader in many of the local areas it serves.