Trade Walt Disney

Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios (formerly known as Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.) is an American film distribution studio within the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution Division of the Walt Disney Company. It deals with theatrical and occasional digital distribution, marketing and promotion of films produced and produced by Walt Disney Studios, including Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Images. The company was originally founded in 1953 as Buena Vista Film Distribution Company, Inc. (later renaming Buena Vista Distribution Company, Buena Vista Image Distribution Co., Inc.). Its current name took place in 2007.Before 1953, Walt Disney productions were distributed by Winkler Pictures, Pictures Of Powers, Universal Pictures (Oswald Rabbit Lucky Short), Columbia Pictures (1929-1932), United Artists (1932-1937) and RKO Pictures Radio (1937-1956).