Trade Vicor

Vicor Company, based in Andover, Massachusetts, designs, manufactures and markets units of energy components. Vicor Company, founded in 1981 in Andover, Massachusetts, designs, develops, manufactures and markets modular power transformers, power system components and power systems using patented, high-frequency power conversion technology designated zero current transformation. Vicor also manufactures and sells fully configurable power systems, accessories and customized power solutions. Patricio Vinciarelli is President, Chairman, and CEO Of Vicor. As of 2013, VicOr has 15 subsidiaries, including VLT, Inc., Vicor GmbH, Vicor Securities, Vicor France SARL, Vikor Italia SRL, Vikor Hong Kong Ltd., Vikor UK Ltd., Vicor B.V., Vicor Japan Company, Company Ltd., Vicor Trading (Shanghai) Ltd., Vicor Development Co., Inc., Inc., Northwest Energy Co., Inc., Conferf Corporation, Freedom Energy Systems, Vicor Inc. competes with Texas Instruments, Lambda Electronics, Tyco International Ltd., Artesyn Technologies, Astic Power, Inc. XP Power