Trade United Therapeutics

United Therapeutic S.A. is a publicly traded American biotechnology company listed on nasdaq under the symbol UTHR. Its mission is to develop new life-long technologies for patients in the areas of lung disease and organ manufacturing. United Therapeutics is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland and Triangle Park Research, North Carolina, with additional facilities in Magog and Promont, Quebec. Melbourne and Jackson Florida; La Jolla, California; Manchester, New Hampshire. United Therapeuticwas was founded in 1996 by Martin Rothblatt, an American lawyer, author, and businessman, who created Sirius XM. In 1994, Rothblatt's young daughter was diagnosed with a deadly orphan disease, pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Rothblatt sold her shares in communications and started the $3 million PPH Cure charity to fund PAH research. By 2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the new drug Remodulin from United Thetrabiotics, a drug prolasticline for dietary vessels used to treat PAH. Remodulin provided PAH patients with an alternative to GlaxoSmithKline fluane. Within a year of its approval, Remodulin's annual sales amounted to $50 million. By 2010, annual sales had reached $300 million, and United Therapeutics' share price was 800 per cent higher than the 1999 IPO price. Over the years, United Therapeutics has completed several strategic acquisitions. In 2011, it acquired Revivicor, a company focused on developing genetic biotechnology platforms to provide tissue sources Alternative treatment. In 2018, I acquired SteadyMed, a medical device company that develops injectable therapeutic drugs for pulmonary hypertension. Other acquisitions include SynQuest in 1999 and Cook Pharma in 2000. United Therapeutics has entered into several licensing and cooperation agreements with companies such as Eli Lilly & Co., Medtronics, Deca Research and Development, and with the National Cancer Institute. As of October 2020, United Therapeutics had a market value of $4.7 billion.