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United Community Bank is a $14 billion Southeast Regional Bank providing retail and corporate banking services. The bank was established in Blairsville, Georgia in 1950 and now operates 164 banking offices in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida United offers a full range of consumer and commercial banking products including mortgage services, interest and non-interest deposits, now accounts (negotiable arrangement from withdrawal account), money market accounts, verification accounts, savings accounts, advisory services and treasury management services. Through a wholly owned subsidiary Navitas Credit Corp., United also offers lending equipment. Union County Bank started in 1949 in Blairsville, Georgia and had $42 million in assets when Jimmy C. Tallent became president in 1984.United Community Bank was founded in 1987. Union County Bank was acquired in 1988 and became a community-based (Georgia) bank in 1996. Other acquisitions were the Citizens Bank of Murphy, North Carolina, which became the United Community Bank (North Carolina) in 1990, the United Community Bank City District in 1992, the White County Bank of Cleveland, Georgia (United Community Bank, White County) in 1995, and the Rabone County United Community Bank in 1997. The Bank of North Carolina added branches in Andrews, Franklin and Waynesville in 1995. With changes in Georgia's banking laws, United Community Bank has begun to open branches in addition to acquisitions. Acquisitions included The other assets of a bank at Cornelia, First Clayton Bank and The Trust in 1997.In 1999, paid UCB $7.1 million plus other costs to Addersville Parent Bank of Addersville Banksers, as well as acquired by Floyd I Bank. Both banks became part of the United Community Bank (Georgia) in 2001.In 2000, and North Point Banks, the independent bancshares company, Consultant Brentique and Lindmark Financial Services, the consumer finance division, were acquired. UCB was listed on NASDAQ in 2002.In 2003, First Georgia Holdings was acquired for about $42 million, and UCB acquired the First Central Bank of Lenoir, Tennessee. In 2004, when assets amounted to $5 billion, acquisitions included Verbanco Holdings for $24.7 million, Eagle National Bank for $12.4 million and Liberty National Bankshares for $42.5 million. The first public offering came in 2005.In 2006, the acquisition of Southern National Bank's parent bancorp for $67.8 million and its merger with United Community Bank, and two offices of Sylvan, North Carolina, from First Charter Bank, giving UCB 19 locations in North Carolina. In 2007, the first bank of the parent business group Gwinnett in the South was acquired for $222.9 million. In 2009, the Bank purchased assets and most of the Southern Community Bank's obligations, with FDI paying $31 million. In 2014, UCB purchased business Carolina assets for $31.3 million. In 2015, UCB acquired MoneyTree Corporation and its wholly owned banking subsidiary, First National Bank, from Lenoir, TN. In 2015, Palmetto Bancshares merged with United Community Banks.On June 27, 2017, four Oaks Fincorp of Four Oaks, North Carolina, began in 1912, and agreed to a $124 million deal that would give United Community Bank an additional 14 branches in North Carolina, 22 triangle branches and additional assets worth $737 million. A dollar. In 2018, NLFC Holdings Corp. and its wholly owned subsidiary Navitas Credit Corp. were acquired for $130 million.