Trade Trustmark Corporation

Trustmark Park is home to the brave Mississippi, double-A-a-bravest Atlanta and is located in Pearl, Mississippi, USA. The stadium, which opened on April 18, 2005, has the capacity of 8,480 fans. There are 5500 seats in the back seat in the reserved seat areas. The grass berm behind the walls outside the fields has additional space for general acceptance customers 2000. On August 13, 2006, a record crowd of 7,652 M-Braves defeated the Huntsville Stars 4-2. The biggest crowd ever to see was a game in the Governor's Cup Park 2016 that saw 8,542 Mississippi Bulldogs fans defeat The Rebels Miss Ole, 2-0.The stadium derives its name from the sale of naming rights to a Trustmark company based in Jackson, MS. Trustmark Park features a 360-degree concourse that allows fans to circle the stadium without missing the stadium. The pitch is in a comfort bowl with seating starting from the main level and going down. All support facilities face outside on the concourse, so spectators can leave their seats and not be separated from the game work.