Trade ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp AG (, stylized as thyssenkrupp) is a German multinational conglomerate with a focus on industrial engineering and steel production. Headquartered in Duisburg and Essen, the company is divided into 670 subsidiaries worldwide. It is one of the largest steel producers in the world. It ranked 10th in the world in terms of revenue in 2015. The company is the result of the merger of Thyssen AG and Krupp in 1999 and now has its operational headquarters in Essen. The largest contributors are Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation and Cevian Capital.In in addition to steel production, ThyssenKrupp's products range from machinery and industrial services to high-speed trains, elevators and shipbuilding. ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems also manufactures frigates, torlets and submarines for the German and foreign navy. in 2018, ThyssenKrupp announced that the company will be divided into two companies, ThyssenKrupp Industrial, and ThyssenKrupp Materials. This split was supposed to take effect from October 1, 2019; however, in May 2019, it was revealed that ThyssenKrupp had cancelled its plans to split the company into two.