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Tetra Tech, Inc. is an American company in Pasadena, California consulting and engineering services. The company provides consulting, engineering, program management and construction management services in the areas of water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy and international development. Specific services for consulting and engineering projects include applied sciences, information technology, engineering, design, construction management, operations and maintenance. Tetra Tech, was founded in 1966 as a water management group of Tetra Tech, by four individuals in Pasadena, California, to provide engineering services to waterways, ports and coastal areas. The company has significantly increased its size and scope through internal growth and strategic acquisitions. During its early years, the company designed waterway structures in ports, ports and marinas. The united nations is the first country to be Defense.In to be able to achieve the desired results. By 1979, Tetra Tech was helping to analyze data used to explore alaska's Northern Oil Slope. In 1982, Honeywell purchased Tetra Tech's operations in the United States and another group acquired Tetra Tech International. Under Honeywell, TetraTech's engineering services, particularly environmental, have grown steadily. The company has gradually eliminated gas exploration and related products and is included in data systems. In 1988 Honeywell sold tetra tech's engineering division to a group of company employees. Dr. Lee San Huang, who joined the company in 1967, led the new independent tetra Tech company. Since its separation from Honeywell, the company has grown from 300 employees to more than 13,000. In 1991 Tetra Technology issued 1.4 million shares on nasdaq. The infusion of funds allowed the infusion of more engineering companies specializing in water resources (urban drainage and flood control), civil engineering (bridges and waterway design), environmental restoration and hazardous waste clean-up. Total revenue swelled to $96.5 million by 1994. There has also been a transition in executive leadership. In 2005, Dr. Huang and Dan Pakrak, who joined Tetra Tech in the early 1980s, retired and became CEO. The remainder of the decade until 2014 involved growth through the acquisition of companies in Canada, Australia and South America at its core (water and infrastructure) and new markets (mining and energy). Tetra Technology also acquired companies that provided international development services to usaid. These new acquisitions have focused on implementing sustainable water strategies Energy and the environment in Africa, Asia and South America, facilitating stability and growth in countries in the wake of social conflicts or the failure of governance institutions. In 2016 Tetra Tech celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of the company's anniversary, it launched the Global Clean Water Fund Grant Program in partnership with Engineers Without Borders. Tetra Technology donated $50,000 to six projects around the world that provided clean and safe water to communities in need. Tetra Tech also celebrated its 25th anniversary on the NASDAQ stock exchange in December 2016. Tetra Tech acquired two sustainable infrastructure companies in 2017 and 2018 with access to western U.S., Australia, Asia-Pacific and the United Kingdom Canada.In January 2018, acquired the aviation technology solutions company that expands Tetra Tech's aerospace data analytics, environmental and acoustic consulting and 3D airspace visualization capabilities for federal and commercial aviation customers. In July 2019, Tetra Tech acquired UK-based engineering firm WYG, expanding Tetra Tech's geographical presence and advancing Tetra Tech's strategy as a major global consulting, engineering and software management firm.