Trade Taseko Mines

Osisko Gold Royalties Co., Ltd. is a Canadian company that retains royalties in gold, silver and diamond mines, mainly in the form of net smelter and steam returns. The company also invests in mining companies in the form of stock purchases. Like the previous company, Osesco Mining, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, with shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. like Franco Nevada, Wheaton Precious Metals and Sand Gold, Osisko Gold Royalties makes investments in the mining industry and transfer profits to shareholders through regular dividend payments. Its profits come mainly from royalties, net smelter returns, and precious metal flow contracts with producing mines. These contracts are concluded with companies engaged in mineral exploration or mine development; as an alternative to debt financing or the issuance of additional shares, a mining company seeking capital financing may agree to a contract with the royalty company to pay a percentage of its future income or products from the mine. Oscisco Gold Royalties also buy, acquire and sell property shares in mining companies, otherwise you may buy 100% ownership of mining companies.