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SVB Leerink is an investment bank specializing in healthcare and life sciences. SVB Leerink was founded in 1995 by Jeffrey A. Leerink, based in Boston, Ma and has offices in New York, California, and NC. 1995 – founded as Leerink Swan LLC with a focus on selling research side1996 – MedaCorp's expert network was established as a joint venture with Dan Dubin1999 – American Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies 2014 - The Name of Lerinck Swan has been changed On behalf of Lirink Partners LLC2019 - Lerinck Partners LLC, now SVB Lerinck, acquired by SVB Financial Group, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank MEDACorp, established in 1996, is a strategic knowledge resource at SVB Lerinck. The use is, for example, the validation of new products and commercial usability in the evaluation of corporate financial statements, and due diligence of companies in the field of intermediate transport ation as part of m&A advice or capital increases. A 2010 investigation into a network of experts that focuses on potential conflicts of interest and insider transactions through the network of experts across the entire industry. The Securities and Exchange Commission investigated a 2009 merger between Cougar Biotech and Johnson & Johnson in which it advised Lerink Cougar. Midatech client SAC Capital was an investor in Cougar Biotechnology. The focus of the investigation was whether any information about the transaction had flowed from Lerinck via Medatak to Sac. According to Rink, the company operates strict media barriers. Speculation about the closure of Midatech as part of an investigation has proved to be unfounded.