Trade Strategic Education

Strategic Education Company is an educational services holding company. The company owns a profitable, online University of Capella and Stryre University, as well as DevMountain Coding Schools, Generation Code, Hackbright Academy, and New York Code + Design Academy. In August 2018, Kabila Education merged with Streyer Education in a $1.9 billion deal. The two securities trading companies have combined corporate functions, but the universities they manage remain separate institutions. In July 2020, Strategy Education announced a series of acquisitions: award-winning education, Australia and New Zealand Operations For $642 million; Torrens University of Australia and The School of Thinking in Education and Media Design in New Zealand for a total of $900 million. Stryre's shareholders control 52% of strategic education, while Kabila's shareholders control 48%. The University of Stranro and Kabila University collectively serve about 80,000 students. Kabila Education Company was founded in 1991 by Stephen Shank, former CEO of Tonka. In 1993, the Graduate School of America (TGSA) was opened. In 1999, the name of the company and the university was changed to The Capella Education company and the university. In 2003, the company was selected in 500 companies for the 500 Hall of Fame magazine after being selected as one of america's 500 fastest growing private companies for the fifth consecutive year. Prior to the IPO, the company raised more than $67 million from private investors, including Maveron.