Trade Santos

Rosa Velma Santos-Recto (Tagalog Pronunciation: [2000] ˈrɛkto, born on 3 November 1953) is a Filipino actress, singer and politician. She is known as "Star of all seasons" for her various roles in various types of her films and holds the titles of The Queen of the Grand Slam, Queen of Queens, and the longest reignof the Queen's box office of Filipino cinema. She was praised by a foreign critic at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, the first Filipino actress to be awarded such a title. Santos is also a prominent politician, serving as governor of Batangas for three consecutive terms and also as mayor of Lipa for three consecutive terms. She was elected as a representative of the Loon region of Lipa, Batangas in 2016. Various political parties urged her to run for senate in 2019, but she refused. Santos film santos is widely regarded as the most successful Filipino film of all time and television actor of all time. Her acting career began when one of her uncles, who was a photographer at Sambageta Pictures, persuaded her to try the films. Initially, Sambagita Pictures had planned for her child star role in Anak, Ang Ayung Ina (1969). When Santos was in the studio, I noticed a long group of young girls. Believing that this line was the line for her own performance experience, she decided to line up. It turns out that the long line is for a performance experience for Sampaguita Pictures" which presents Trodis Lit (Little Trudys).