Trade Popular

Popular, Inc., doing business as a popular Banco in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the People's Bank of the Continental United States, is a financial services conglomerate that has operated in Puerto Rico for more than 125 years and in the continental United States for more than 52 years. In recent years, it has expanded to other regions of the Caribbean and Central America. The PPR's logo stands for the popular Banco de Puerto Rico, where the bank has its main historical footprint. Popular, Inc. is the parent company of the popular Banco de Puerto Rico, The People's Bank, E-Loans, and many other companies. The Bank was founded in Puerto Rico in 1893 when the island was still under Spanish administration. It was initially led by Rafael Carrion, Sr. and Don Manuel Muñoz Barrios, the latter being the company's first president and administrator. during the 1970s, the company's commercials were very popular on Puerto Rican television: they made a bald, middle-aged man in a white shirt, announcing the company in a comical manner. The 1970s also saw a giant step in the development of Buble Bank as The Largest bank in Puerto Rico, when it bought two-thirds of Creditto and Horbo Poncino. Through this purchase, the popularity of the credit card industry has entered.