Trade Plexus

10100 Internal carotid plexus (internal carotid plexus) is located on the side of the internal carotid artery, and in the plexus there is sometimes a small swelling in the form of gangliform, the carotid node, on the lower surface of the artery. Postganglionic sympathetic fiber ascends from superior cervical node, along the walls of the inner carotid artery, to enter into the inner carotid plexus. These fibers are then distributed to deep structures, which include upper tarpaulins and pupil enlargement muscles. Some fibers from the inner hibernation plexus converge to form a deep patrosi nerve. Internal carotid exhalation is connected with the trigeminal node, the abdo nerve, and the ganglion pterygopalatine neurosis (also called sphenopalatine); It distributes filaments on the inner carotid artery wall and also connects with the tympanic branch of the pharyngeal nerve. This article includes the text in the public domain of page 977 of the 20th edition of Grey's Anatomy (1918)