Trade Photronics

Photronics, Inc. is an American semiconductor photomask company. It was the third largest supplier of photocopiers as of 2009. was founded in 1969 in Danbury, Connecticut as "Photronic Labs, Inc." It has manufacturing facilities in USA (3), Europe (2), Taiwan (2), and one in Korea. Photronics' nettime products, noises and amplification fall into three main categories; Technology experts from photronics and optical mamasks network selected for their microscopy platforms. A variety of technologies offered range from mature 1:1 to 5x advanced technologies, requiring sub-wavelength and next-generation stone applications. 20 Biggest Customers: Abatina Photography Company, Au Optronics Corp. , Dongbo HiTek Co., Ltd., Freescale Semiconductor, Global Foundries, HannStar View Corp, IM Flash Technologies, Memories Inotera, Jenoptik AG, LG Electronics, Magnacape Semiconductor, Micron Technology, Nanya Technology, National Semiconductor Company, Novatec Microelectronics Corp., Semiconductor Company, Semiconductor Company, Samsung Electronics, ST Microelectronics, Texas Tools, United Microelectronics Inc.