Trade Patterson-UTI Energy

Patterson UTI Energy provides onshore drilling and pressure pumping services, directional drilling, rental equipment and technology for customers in the United States and Western Canada.Patterson-UTI Companies include: 10100 Patterson Drilling Company was founded in 1978 by Lewis Talbot and Glen Patterson.In 2001, took over UTI Energy drilling company and named after Patterson-UTI Energy.In September 2014, and acquired Texas-based pumping assets. In September 2016, the company acquired Warrior Rig.In April 2017, acquiring 70 power. The deal included seventy-seven subsidiaries: Great Plains Oilfield Leasing, Nomac Drilling (now part of Patterson UTI Drilling), and performance technologies (now part of global pressure pumping). In October 2017, the company acquired MS Energy Services (now MS Directional). In February 2018, the company acquired Superior QC, a software provider used to improve the accuracy of the horizontal well position. In October 2018, the company acquired current energy solutions, Inc.