PACCAR Inc. is a U.S. company of 500 Fortune magazine companies, and is among the largest manufacturers of medium and heavy trucks in the world. PACCAR is involved in designing, manufacturing and supporting customers of light, medium and heavy trucks under Kinworth, Peterbelt, Leland Trucks, and DAF name plates. PACCAR also designs and manufactures engines, offers financial services, information technology, and distribution of truck parts related to its main business. in 1905, William Piggott, Sr. founded Seattle Car MV. A company for the production of railways and logging equipment at its factory in West Seattle. In February 1908, seattle car manufacturing company opened a new railway car manufacturing plant in Renton. The destruction of the Youngstown plant in Seattle Carr by fire, along with the aftermath of the national financial panic in 1907, put the company in voluntary custody. The new factory gave the business new impetus and company president William Piggott (1860-1929) and in particular vice president Oliver D. Colvin successfully sponsored the company during this difficult period. The company later merged with Twohy Brothers of Portland in 1915 to become a Pacific Automotive and Foundry Company, a name it retained for the next 55 years. In 1924, William Piggott sold control of the company to the American car company and foundry.