Trade Nova Measuring

Nova Sukuk Measurement is a listed company, based in Israel, and is a provider of advanced process monitoring instruments used in semiconductor manufacturing. The company's shares are traded on nasdaq's global market and on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Nova Measuring Instruments was founded in May 1993 by Giora Dishon and Moshe Vinarov. He graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a PhD in Materials Science. Vinarov received his Ph.D. in semiconductor physics from moscow.Intel's Technical University and became a client and investor in Nova in 1997. In 1999, Nova announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Japan, Nova K Tools Measurement, and was opening offices in Singapore to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific market. Nova implemented its initial public offering on nasdaq in April 2000. In 2006, Nova acquired HyperNex Inc., a Pennsylvania-based developer of micro-structure analysis tools.