Trade Northern Oil and Gas

Enbridge Is a Canadian multinational power transportation company based in Calgary, Alberta. It focuses on energy transmission, distribution and generation, primarily in North America. Enbridge operates as an energy carrier in Canada and the United States and is the longest-serving crude oil and liquid hydrocarbon transport system in North America. It is also distributed to various fuels, owns and operates canada's largest natural gas distribution network, and provides distribution services in Ontario, Quebec and The State of New York. The company was initially founded by Imperial Oil as an interprovincial pipeline company (IPL) on April 30, 1949, after the discovery of the first major oil in Canada, in 1947, in Leduc, Alberta. In the same year, the company built the first oil pipeline from Lidoc to Regina, Saskatchewan. In 1950, it was expanded through Gretna, Manitoba, to Superior, Wisconsin, in the United States. To operate the U.S. part of the pipeline, the Lakehead Pipeline Company (now Enbridge Energy Partners) was established. In 1953, the pipeline was expanded to Sarnia, Ontario, and in 1956 to Toronto and Buffalo, New York.In in 1953, the IPL was listed on the Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges. In 1983, IPL built the Norman Wells pipeline and joined the Border Pipeline Company. In 1986, through a series of share exchanges, IPL acquired control of home oil and in 1988, changed its name to Interhome Energy Company in 1991, changed its name to the inter-provincial pipeline Inc.In 1992, and acquired the interprovincial line company by Interprovincial Pipeline Pipeline System The company, which changed its name to IPL Energy in 1994, after acquiring consumer gas (now Enbridge Gas Distribution Company) and diversifying into gas distribution. In addition, it acquired stakes in Altagas Services and Electricity in Cornwall, Ontario. During the 1990s, the company expanded its gas pipeline network and acquired a stake in the Checap oil pipeline. It also built the Athabasca pipeline from northeastern Alberta to the main pipeline system. In 1995, the company expanded its activities outside North America by taking a stake in the Okinawa pipeline. This share was sold in 2009. IPL Energy became Enbridge in 1998. Enbridge's name is portmanteau of "energy" and "bridge". In the 2000s, Enbridge made many large projects. In 2006, it announced the Enbridge North Gate Pipeline project from Athabasca to Kitimath, British Columbia. In the same year, it announced the Alberta Clipper pipeline project from Hardesti, Alberta, to Superior, Wisconsin, to connect the oil sands production area to the existing grid. The pipeline became operational in 2010.In 2009, and Enbridge purchased the 80 MW Sartnia PV power plant, which was the world's largest light power plant at the time. In January 2017, Enbridge said it would acquire Midcost's energy partners for $170 million in cash. After the Chibo Group of the Thames community sued Enbridge to stop the controversial Line 9 pipeline in July 2017, the Supreme Court of Canada ordered the community to pay Enbridge's legal costs.