Trade NetScout Systems

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTCT) is a provider of application and network performance management products. Headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, NETSCOUT serves community companies, government agencies and telecommunications service providers. In July 2015, NETSCOUT acquired Danaher's telecommunications business, including Arbor, Fluke Networks, Ttronics Communications and VSS Monitoring. NetSCOUT has branches in the Cayman Islands and is a tax haven. NETSCOUT SYSTEMS ACQUIRED THE PUBLIC NETWORK IN 2007. The network was developed in 1986 by the original Network Sham Package; In mid-2004, The Associated Press sold off the olfactory technology business to Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group for $275 million in cash to form a public network. In early 2006, the public network acquired Fidelia technology, adding NetVigil business monitoring technology to their network performance analysis tools and applications. In September 2007, the public network agreed to acquire Net Esquith Systems for $205 million.