Trade National Instruments

NI, a former national sukuk company, is an American multinational company with an international operation. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, it is a producer of automated testing equipment and virtual hardware software. Common applications include data access, machine monitoring and machine vision. in the early 1970s, James Truchard, Jeff Kudowski, and Bill Nolan, were working at the University of Texas at Austin Laboratories for Applied Research. As part of a u.S. Navy research project, men used early computer technology to collect and analyze data. The three, frustrated by their ineffective data collection methods, decided to create a product that would enable their mission to be accomplished more easily. In 1976, the three worked in the garage of The Trushhard House and founded a new company. They tried to merge under several names, including Longhorn Instruments and Texas Digital, but all were rejected. Finally, they settled on the current name of National Instruments.With a $10,000 loan from Interfirst Bank, and the group purchased a small pc PDP-11/04, and for their first project, its GPIB interface was designed and built. Their first sale was the result of a cold call to Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Because the trio were still working at the University of Texas, in 1977 they hired their first full-time employee, Kim Harrison Howson, who handled orders, invoices and customer inquiries. By the end of the year, the company had sold three paintings, and to attract more business, it had produced and sent a dispatchto 15,000 users of the PDP-11 microcomputer. And with Increasing sales, they were able to move into real office space in 1978, occupying a 600-square-foot (56-square-meter) office at 9513 Burnet Road in Austin, Texas.