Trade MYR Group

MYR Group is a holding company of well-established and successful electricity contractors serving the electrical infrastructure industry and commercial/industrial markets through a national network of local offices. MYR Group is made up of the following subsidiaries: L.E. Myers; L.E. Myers Co. Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc.; Harlan Electric Company; MyR Transportservices, Inc.; Great Southwest Construction, Inc.; ES Paulus Corporation; Country High Line Construction, Company, MYR Construction Group Canada, Ltd. MYR Construction Group Canada, Ltd. consists of three subsidiaries: MYR Transport Services Canada Ltd., Northern Transportservices, Ltd., West Pacific Co., Ltd. through its subsidiaries, myr group has helped build and maintain electrical delivery infrastructure. Our commitment to continuous improvement and superior customer service continues to make MYR Group a leader in the electricity industry. In addition to a broad presence, a full list of services, a highly skilled workforce and an experienced management team, MYR Group maintains one of the largest specialized transportation and distribution equipment fleets in North America.