Trade MicroVision

MicroVision, Inc. is an American company that develops laser scanning technology for projection, 3D sensing, and photo capture. MicroVision display technology uses a small mechanical electrical systems scanning mirror (MEMS) with red, green, blue, infrared, optics and electronics to view and/or take pictures. The company licenses its products primarily for Oem manufacturers (OEMs) such as STMicroelectronics.MeMS Mirror Microscopy is the basis for microVision technology platform. THE MEMS DESIGN CONSISTS OF A SILICONE DEVICE WITH A MIRROR ON A MILLIMETER SCALE IN THE CENTER. The mirror is connected to the folds that allow it to swing vertically and horizontally to view (or capture) a picture. In projection mode the mems laser scan view can be compared to the point scan in the width of the cathode ray tube (CRT). product applications include virtual display virtual retina projection mobile, portable head view, and auto head-up display. As this technology was used in the smartphone by the manufacturer Blackview.In May 2018, Microvision entered into a licensing agreement with a global technology company to use the company's display technology to manufacture and sell only display engines. With its financial results for the first quarter of 2020, MicroVision announced the possibility of selling the company.