Trade Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated is an American company, openly traded that designs, manufactures and sells integrated analog and mixed signal circuits. Maxim Integrated Circuit Evolution (ICs) for Automotive, Industry, Communications, Consumer, and Computing Markets. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has design centers, manufacturing facilities and sales offices worldwide. In fiscal year 2019, sales reached US$2.31 billion, 7,131 employees and 35,000 customers worldwide. Maxim is a Fortune 1000 company and its shares is an element of the NASDAQ-100 stock market index. In December 2018, Maxim was added again to the S&P 500. Maxim was founded in April 1983. The nine team members initially had a variety of experience in semiconductor design and sales. Among the founding team members was Jack Gifford, a pioneer in the field since the 1960s; he was one of the industry leaders in 1960. Fred Beck, leader of sales and distribution IC; Dave Bingham, GE General Scientist in 1982; Steve Coombs, Pioneer of Prolific Technology and Manufacturing; Lee Evans, also a pioneer in the design of the CMOS analog chip and GE World of the Year in 1982; The first internally compensatory operational amplifier circuit; Roger Fuller, another pioneer in cmos chip design; Rich Hood, development manager for some of the first microprocessor-controlled semiconductor testing systems; and Dick Wilenken, who is recognized as the father of the analog switch And multixer techniques. Based on a two-page action plan, they received $9 million in venture capital to establish the company. In the first year, the company developed 24 products from second sources. After that, Maxim designed proprietary products that offer greater differentiation and higher profits.