Trade Marchex

Marchex, a Seattle-based company based in Seattle, was founded in 2003, with more than 300 employees. Marchex is a B2B call and conversation analytics company. It specializes in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze conversation data between companies and customers. Marchex provides companies with "actionable insights" to improve customer experiences over phone, SMS, messaging and chat. In October 2000, an online-based company called Go2Net Inc. merged with another company, InfoSpace Inc. that was a $1.5 billion deal that paved the way for the formation of Marchex, a startup whose founders were all former Go2Net executives. John Kester, Ethan Caldwell, and Peter Cristolo were part of the Go2Net team that founded Marchex, led by a fourth member, Go2Net founder Russell Horowitz. In January 2003, four Marchex, Inc. and each member of the founding team took on executive responsibilities in the new start-up phase. Marchex's INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING (IPO ) was filed in December 2003 and the company has made several acquisitions since its inception. In February 2015, Horowitz stepped down as CEO while serving on the Board of Directors. Cristolo was announced as a replacement for The Hornets. Marsrex and several well-known subsidiaries (Archeodomains) used the parking domain name (CyberSquatting) as a self-proclaimed "backward" business model that held more than 200,000 domains hostage to companies, registered trademark owners, and individuals. In April 2015, internet domain name recorder and web hosting company GoDaddy acquired 200,000 Marchex CyberSquatted ranges for 28.1 million Dollars in cash with the aim of making domains that "were not generally available to the public" "available to companies around the world".