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Luminex Software, Inc. is a developer and provider of central connectivity, storage and data protection solutions, including virtual tape and data integration products. Luminex was founded in 1994 by Brian Hawley, Michael Saunders and Arthur Tolsma.In 2000, luminex acquired and integrated data| Wei production line and technical staff. Then in 2002, Luminex acquired and merged polaris' production line and technical staff. In 2007, Luminex and Ded domain announced a partnership to provide virtual tape library solutions with the elimination of duplication of central computers. Gate Channel (CGX) is a virtual virtual computer and tape controller software and hardware (together, "MVT controller") that provides access to central computers to store open disk-based systems by acting as tape controllers and providing storage as "virtual" tape drives (simulation IBM 3490/3590) via FICON or ESCON channels. As tape controllers, CGX requires access to a storage target (targets) to store virtual tapes. Configurations include either nfs connection or fiber optic channel for open systems storage systems. Virtual Mainframe Tape (MVT) is a family of products consisting of one or more MVT controllers as well as internal SAS storage (MVTi) or attached fiber channel (MVTe). The number of MVT configuration controllers depends on user availability and productivity requirements. MVT supports system Z, Z/VM and VSE.