Trade Liberty Global

Liberty Global is an Anglo-Dutch-American multinational telecommunications company based in London, Amsterdam and Denver. Their legal names are Liberty Global PLC, Global Freedom B.V. and Global Freedom, Inc., with the first of these being publicly traded. It was formed in 2005 through the merger of liberty media's international arm (in turn, an occasional from the American cable television group TCI) and United Globalcom (UGC). Liberty Global is the largest broadband internet service provider outside the United States, liberty global with annual revenues of $11.5 billion in 2019, with operations in six countries and 20,600 employees. It has 10.8 million subscribers in cable service, or 25.3 million revenue generating units (RGU), combining video and internet, and voice customers. Liberty Global was founded in 2005 when Liberty Media International, Inc. (LMI), United Globalcom, Inc. (UGC) merged. LMI and UGC have become subsidiaries of Liberty International. UGC founder was Jane Schneider. UGC also relied on acquisitions. United International Holdings, lateron called UGC, acquired in 1995 50% of UPC constitute stake of Dutch electronic interest Philips and 100% 1997.