Trade International Bancshares Corp

Bankshares Boat Company was one of the top 30 holding companies in the United States when it was acquired by the United Nations Bank in 1996. Until its acquisition, Boatmen were traded on nasdaq with a boat index. company, founded in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1847, claimed to be the oldest bank west of the Mississippi River at the time of its acquisition. The Bank was founded by George Knight Budd whose family had a fortune on the East Coast. A St. Louis councilman was scheduled to work and arranged to buy the land that now forms a municipal building complex including The St. Louis Hall.Co., the iPod Foundation began saving a boat to help the working class. Many of them worked on river boats on the Mississippi. The Bank received the State Charter on February 16, 1847, offered 3 percent interest on deposits and invested the first $1,000 in a city bond that paid 6 percent. Its early history was marked by deadly city-wide disasters in 1849 from a cholera outbreak that claimed more than 1,000 lives and great Saint. The Lewis fire of 1849 from May 17-18 that destroyed 23 steamers and at least 430 buildings.compounding bank problems on April 5, 1854, was a robbery involving bank secretary Joseph Thornton because the basement had been opened at night with the bank key. He was witnessed by Joseph Charles, president of the Bank of Missouri, who received from Thornton in exchange for water deposition and mud notes. Thornton was acquitted but had to shoot and kill Charles in the street afterwards. Thornton was nearly executed, then hanged after a trial. According to the legend of the company, the shutdown was turned off on The bank in 1855 when Madame of Bordello deposited $4,500 in gold.