Trade Infineon Technologies

Infinion Technologies G is a German semiconductor manufacturer founded in 1999, when the semiconductor operations of the former parent company Siemens AG were woven off. Infinion has about 46,665 employees and is one of the top ten semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. It is a market leader in automotive and energy semiconductors. In fiscal year 2020, the company generated sales of €8.6 billion. Infinion bought Cypress in April 2020. Infinion semiconductor markets and systems for automotive and industry sectors, and multi-market, as well as chip card and security products. Infinion has subsidiaries in the United States of America in Milpitas, California, and in the Asia-Pacific region, in Singapore and Tokyo, Japan. Invinion has a number of facilities in Europe, one in Dresden. Infinion in the high energy sector in Warstein, Germany; Villach and Graz in Austria; Cegléd in Hungary; Italy. It also operates R&Amp;D centres in France, Singapore, Romania, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and India, as well as manufacturing units in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. There is also a common service center in Maya, Portugal.