Trade Incitec Pivot

Incitec Hub Co., Ltd. (ASX: IPL) is an Australian multinational company that manufactures fertilizers, chemicals, explosives, and mining service. Adheus induction is the largest supplier of fertilizers in Australia; The largest supplier of explosives products and services in North America; and the second largest supplier of explosives products and services in the world. The company began trading on the ASX on July 30, 2003 after being formed as a result of a merger between Incitec Fertilizers and Hub Group, and expanded significantly with the acquisition of Southern Cross Fertilizers in 2006 and Dyno Nobel in 2008.Employing nearly 5,000 employees worldwide, Incitec Pivot has extensive operations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. In 2005, The Company entered into an agreement with the Government of Nauru to redevelop the country's phosphate mining industry, which had been repaired. The company invested $5 million for facilities and machinery, and resumed phosphate mining in late 2006.Main Products Central Fertilizer Incitec (IPF) supporting farming communities and feeding millions. The team is based in Australia. Axial Fertilizer Incitec supports a diverse customer base who negotiate some of the world's toughest climates and soils to manage winter and summer crops, cotton, sugar, horticulture and pastures. Is A Pivot fertilizer incitec is committed to meet all standards in accordance with the Fertilizer State Act and the Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia Act (FIFA) to practice fertilizer prescribing and labelling. The IPCC has developed specifications for locally manufactured and imported fertilizers that meet these criteria.