Trade Herman Miller

Herman Miller, Inc., based in Zeeland, Michigan, is an American company that produces office furniture, equipment, and home furnishings. Its signature products include an equa chair, an iron chair, a Noguchi table, a marshmallow sofa and an Ames lounge chair. Herman Miller is credited with inventing an office room (originally known as the "Labor Office") in 1968 under the then research director Robert Pruitt. Herman Miller was founded in 1905 as a star furniture company in Zeeland, Michigan. Initially the company produced high-quality furniture, especially bedroom suites, in historical revival patterns. In 1909, Dirk Jean de Brie began working for the company as a writer, and became president by 1919, when it was renamed Michigan Star Furniture Company de Brie and his father-in-law Herman Miller, bought 51% of the company's shares in 1923 and was renamed herman Miller Furniture Company. The company repaired as Herman Miller, Inc. in 1960.Until 1930, the company produced only traditional wood furniture. With the advent of the Great Depression the company was forced to explore new products to survive in a shrinking market and reluctantly hired Gilbert Rudd, a designer specializing in modernist designs. Rudd's company turned in a completely new direction and in 1933, Herman Miller debuted a line of modern furniture at the Century Of Progress exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. In 1941, the company opened a showroom at The Goods Mart in Chicago, and another in New York City. Under Rudd's supervision, Herman Miller entered the contract furniture market (office) in 1942, with the introduction of the "Executive Office Units" (EOG) group, the first in a long series of office furnishings to be produced by the company. Rudd died in 1944 and was replaced by architect George Nelson, who joined the company as design director in 1945. Over the next four decades Nelson had to have a tremendous impact on Herman Miller, not only for his personal design contributions, but also for the talented designers he recruited for her ranks, including; Isamu Noguchi, Charles and Ray Ames, Robert Probst, and textile designer Alexander Gerrard. Beginning in the late 1940s, the period under the supervision of Nelson Herman Miller saw the production of some of the world's most famous pieces of modern furniture, including noguchi table, ames lounge chair, marshmallow sofa, ball hour (actually produced by Howard Miller's clock company), and sofa sling. Dirk Jan de Brie continued to serve as CEO of Hermann Miller until 1961, when illness forced him to step down. He was succeeded by his son Hugh de Brie. Hugh served as ceo of the company until the mid-1980s, when he was succeeded by his brother Max de Brie, who held the position until 1990.In 1961, herman Miller's research division, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This section developed the "Work Desk" line in 1964 under the direction of Robert Pruitt and with the help of george Nelson's New York design studio design. Although the initial line, known as the "First Work Desk", was not successful, it led to the development of the "Second Work Desk" line, which introduced the "office room". 10. The impact of the Second Labour Office on the workplace has revolutionized the office environment. In 1978, the second labour office was renamed the "Labour Office". Herman Miller line of office-born work products Sales of more than $5 billion as of 1998.George Nelson's influence at Herman Miller gradually declined during the 1970s as new designers joined the company, including Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, who co-designed the Equa chair (still widely marketed), and in the 1990s developed the head of Aeroon very successful. In 1981, Herman Miller began working with Italian designer Clino T. Castelli on the process of designing physical environments: the so-called Priario design including CMF design and the concept of ithospass design. Designer Tom Newhouse introduced the Newhouse Group for stand-alone furniture in 1987 and helped with the "Ithospass" wall panel system for the work desk line. Ray Wilkes designed the "Modular Sitting Group," popularly known as Chicklet Chairs.Artist Stephen Frykholm also notes for his contributions to Herman Miller. From 1970 to 1989, Frickholm produced a series of promotional posters for Herman Miller's annual summer excursions, some in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, and are still very much in demand after art publications.