Trade GUD Holdings

Sunbeam Ltd. was an Australian home appliance brand that caters to the needs of the Australian and New Zealand markets. It is now a subsidiary of Sunbeam Products. company started in Australia in 1902 as a small branch of the American Group, Chicago Flexible Shaft Company. The name was later changed to Cooper Engineering. The name changed back to Sunbeam in 1946. The company became publicly traded in 1952 and became Australian property in 1987. In 1981 I got a range of consumer appliances from Monier Ltd. Sunbeam Corporation was purchased by GUD Holdings Ltd in 1996 and sold to Sunbeam products in 2016.Mixmaster 9B was the first American designer sunbeam device to be manufactured and sold in Australia in 1948. Beginning in the late 1970s, Australian industrial designers were hired to create new designs. Sunbeam Australia also licenses its designs to other companies including Sunbeam Products Inc. including Mixmaster Professional/Heritage Chain Stand Mixer.