Trade Goodman Group

Martin Goodman (born Moe Goodman; was January 18, 1908 - June 6, 1992) an American publisher of pulp magazines, paperback books, men's adventure magazines, comic books, and launched the company that would become Marvel Comics. Mo Goodman, who later adopted the name Martin, was the eldest son of 17 registered children of Isaac Goodman (b. 1872) and Anna Gleichenhaus (b. 1875). His parents were Jewish immigrants who met in the United States after they moved separately from their home country, Vilna, Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire. The family lived in different homes in the New York City neighborhood of Brooklyn. As a young man, Moe traveled around the country during the Great Depression, living in homeless camps. Circa (approximately) late 1929, future Archie Comics co-founder Louis Berk Silleit, then distribution manager at Oriental Distribution Company magazine, hired Goodman for his department, appointing him clients that included publisher Hugo Gernsback. Goodman later became the same trading director, but the company went bankrupt in October 1932. Goodman then joined Silbraclet and other investors as part of the mutual magazine distributors, and was appointed editor of the new sister company Silkerlite, the publisher of Newsstand Publications, at 53 Park Place, also known as 60 Murray Street, Manhattan.