Trade Golar LNG

LNG (LNG) is the LNG form of natural gas, which has a much lower volume of natural gas in its gas form. This liquefied condition is used to facilitate the transport ation of natural gas over long distances, often by sea, in specialized reservoirs. LNG port terminals are purpose-built port terminals designed to accommodate large LNG tankers designed to load, load and unload LNG. These LNG plants are located next to a gas liquefaction and storage plant (export), a gas regasmization and storage (import) plant, and are connected to gas pipelines connected to gas fields on shore or off the coast (export) or storage and distribution (import) plants. Karatha Gas Plant - Northwest Shelf Project operated by Woodside Petroleum In Karatha, Western Australia Tornio, Finland, Owners Outokumpu Oyj, SSAB OSABy Skangas Oy and EPV Energia Oy (LNG Regas and LNG Distribution) Kinai LNG, Nikiski, Alaska (first U.S. liquefaction plant; last export was in 2015. ConocoPhillips sold it to Endeavor in January 2018.