Trade Glencore

Kid Mine or Kid Creek Mine is an underground mine base 24 km (15 miles) north of Timmins, Ontario, Canada. It is owned and produced by swiss multinational Glencore. The mine was discovered in 1963 by the Texas Gulf Sulphur Company. In 1981 it was sold to The Canadian Development Company, then sold in 1986 to Falconbridge Ltd., which in 2006 was acquired by Xstrata, which in turn merged with Glencore in 2013. Ore from the Kid mine is processed to a concentrate at the Kid Metalorjikal site, which is located 27 km (17 miles) southeast of the mine, which until 2010 also melted the ore and refined the producing metal. After the majority of the met site is closed, focus is now shipped to Quebec for processing. Kid Min is the deepest copper and zinc mine in the world. Geophysical Aerial Survey, conducted by Texas Gulf Sulphur Company in March 1959, indicated an anomaly in the Kid-55 sector that warranted a ground investigation. A ground electromagnetic scan was conducted in October 1963 and a drilling rig began digging a 600-foot nucleus sample in November. The nucleus, later confirmed by the Union Assis office in Salt Lake City, showed an average copper content of 1.15%, with an average zinc content of 8.64%, and 3.94 ounces of silver per ton. A second crater was drilled in March 1964, followed by two akthan pits in early April. The deposit of copper, zinc and silver ore in the discovery of the Kidd mine was announced in a press release after the Board meeting on April 16, 1964. Seven holes drilled indicated an 800-foot raw object, 300 feet wide, and an 800-foot vertical depth. During the initial exploration of the site, which was Then known as Kid-55, the company's officers engaged in insider trading in Texas Bay shares. The ensuing lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission resulted in a landmark decision that established the right of all market participants to "relative equal access to material information". The mine began producing ore in 1966, as an open pit mine and eventually developed into an underground mine. The mine produces copper, zinc and several other minerals. The mine contains the oldest known flowing water on earth. A billion-year-old water sample collected from the mine was added to the collection at Ingenom in Ottawa on November 25, 2020.