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Gigafactory Texas (also Tesla Gigafactory 5 or Giga Texas) is a car manufacturing facility near Austin, Texas, under construction by Tesla since July 2020. Tesla aims to have it running by the end of 2021.Tesla is scheduled to be the main manufacturer of Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Simi. It will also produce model 3 and Model Y cars for the eastern United States. Tesla was considering locations across eight states in the central United States during 2019\u2012020. community and government officials in several regions of the United States expressed interest in hosting what was expected to be a very large Tesla Gigafactory manufacturing facility. Some expressed interest in facilitating the purchase of land, evading regulatory hurdles and considering potential tax incentives. Some have used social media marketing to reach Elon Musk directly. By May 2020, Tesla was making a selection process. The shortlist included Austin, Nashville, Tennessee and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tesla had seen two locations near Tulsa by mid-May. The Tulsa campaign was promoted by T. Benoit, mayor of Tulsa. In May 2020 Bynum discussed the suitability of "Green Country" (Northeast Oklahoma) and distributed a photo of cybertruck in Tulsa's Tulsa Police Department livery, with a proposal from a local purchase, if the Gigafactory plant would be located near Tulsa. On May 20, 2020, wrapping ads were applied to the Golden Draper statue at the Tulsa Expo Center to create Elon Musk's caricature, replacing the word "Tulsa" on the statue belt buckle as "Tesla." In July 2020, Tesla chose Austin as a location.