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Gentex is a world-class electronics company managed by engineers and others who understand the freedom and discipline required to run an entrepreneurship company. We are a unique and profitable company that is vertically integrated into highly automated electronics, CMOS camera development, manufacturing, vacuum paint, bending and glazing glass. We specialize in a wide range of technologies and processes to provide high quality products to the automotive, space and fire protection industries. Thanks for visiting Gentex ("Gentex") LinkedIn page. This page aims to share information about Gentex, its products and corporate culture. If you have specific questions about Gentex, please call the main phone number at 616.772.1800. Any content, opinions, opinions, opinions and/or answers to questions uploaded, expressed or submitted by third parties on the Gentex LinkedIn page, other than the content provided by Gentex, are only the views, opinions and responsibility of the person who submits it and does not necessarily reflect Gentex's views. Gentex reserves the right to terminate any user's ability to access this LinkedIn page, edit or delete any material it deems inappropriate and/or violate any Gentex policy, including but not limited to: equal employment opportunities, discrimination and harassment, workplace violence, non-solicitation, conflict of interest, confidentiality, and insider trading.